The Cousins

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Hey Mae! - O.K. Twist

The Cousins

By Rusty Kershaw and Doug Kershaw

Paroles Franc.Rudi Revil et Georges Aber

Sweet Virginia

The Cousins

By Earl Gary - Jean Rolle - Willy Albimoor - van Aleda

The Robot

The Cousins

Music: Adrien Ransy - Andre Shore

Plere Pays Moin

The Cousins

By Guy Dovan - Phil Dape

Aye Lula

The Cousins

Paroles et musique: Guy Dovan - Jean Rolle - Manuel de Gomez


The Cousins

Words and music: Gus Dersé

Kana Kapila

By Jean Rolle - Guy Dovan


The Cousins

Musique: Guy Dovan - Pierre Catty

Paroles: Phil Dape

Hully Gully Boy

The Cousins

Musique: Guy Dovan

Lyrics: Frank Gerald

Ned. tekst: Et. Lams - van Aleda